Our Programs 

We SUPPORT The Girls funds multiple community service outreach programs with the goal of comforting victims of child sexual abuse. To be sponsored for or volunteer for these programs, please reach out through the email address: info@wesupportthegirls.org

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Bears That Care

When requested, we put together packages of stuffed animals, coloring books, etc. to be sent to victims of child abuse. The goal of this operation is to, at the very least, comfort victims and assist in recovery.


Room Makeovers

Many instances of child sexual assault occur in the victims own bedroom, continuing to sleep and live in the same room as the attack even after the attacker has been removed, can be extremely traumatizing. We, with a skilled interior designer, hope to help both the victim and their family cope by providing a complete room makeover.


Community Outreach

We host public dialougues to further our mission and raise awareness. County staff members speak of community improvements and survivors are invited to share their stories. These discussions are much needed in every community in order to help end misinformation about sexual abuse.