J o i n  U s

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with We SUPPORT the GIRLS. We are a 100% volunteer, community-based organization. Opportunities to volunteer are available in three main areas:

  • Community Outreach

  • Special Events

  • Administration

Volunteers will be asked to do the following: 

  • Complete a volunteer application

  • Interview with the organization's Director

  • Participate in general volunteer orientation activities

  • Pass basic background and reference checks

If you are interested in working with WSTG to raise the profile of the issue of child sexual abuse and protect the children in our community, please contact us at info@wesupportthegirls.org

Thanks to everyone who has expressed an interest in volunteering and/or joining the group's mailing list. If you would like to request WSTG signs for your yard, please send a email to info@wesupportthegirls.org

We look forward to continued community assistance in order to make the group's goals a reality.  

Thank you to our many benefactors! Each one of you makes such a difference to help us towards our goals.

(List of supporters below)


Ella Ames ———- Lisa Backer*———-Marti Bailey *——-Jessica Barron

Lisa & Jeff Bason———-Melanie Barton—— Liz Bateman ——--Elizabeth Bates

June & Mike Beyer** ——- Colleen Billie ——— Linda Bloss-Baum*

Jill Bridges ———Toni Buranen ———- Suzannah Carr —— Mandy Cockshutt

Craig Combest ———- Margaret Core* ——— Lyndell Core —— Laura Crouch

Lina Daru-Chabala —— Bernice Davis — Amy Dembosky — Patricia Di Zebba

Mike Dixon ————- Ana Dodd ———Darryn Dunbar ——- Phil Duncan*

Casey Elmore —— Anna Fernau —-— Kayleen Fitzgerald* ———Katie Foster

Martin Forth ——-Peggy Fox** —— Lucy Gall Mary Gavin** —— Connie Gillette


Paula Goldberg* ——- Jenny Graves ——- Meg Grebe ——— Hazel Greef

Nancy Griffith ——- Olivia Hartman ——- Diane Hazzard* —— Helene Hemus*

Lorraine Henry ——— Meghan Henry ——- Rob Hof* ——— Liz Hume*

Cindy Johnson ——- Danielle Johnson**——- Joanna Jones —-- Gavin Jones

Brittany Kay ——- Terri Kidson ——- Brian Lamar ———- Samantha Langton

Vanessa Langton ——- Angela Langton* ——— Stephen Lee** —— Jane Lewis

Leslie Lyon ——- Juanita Macleod ——— Kelley Manahan ——- Jane Materna*

Lou Mauro* ——— Dominic Medley ——- Andrea Miller ——- Vi Nguyen*

Matt Nicholson —— Louise Noble ——- Katty Novillo* —— Tania Odabashian*

Erin Patacsil ——— Meta Phillips* —— Alexandra Preston ——- Rachael Pucillo


Hanada Rados —- Jill Randolph —— Kathryn Ravey*-—- Melissa Reed Dana*

Susan Reimer —- Sonya Richardson*** —- Carol Ridgway* ——Mary Rodrigazo

Mary Jo Rucker ——- Alex Rueda*** ——-—- Rebecca Sandidge

Christine Schaubach ———— Jennifer Sigler* ———- Nicole Smith*

Theresa Smith* ———- Krista Spainhour ——— Jason Shoettmer**

Helen Streather —— Linda Sutton —— Gretchen Tee l——Catherine Terry

Jessicia Tomlinson —- Diane Tomlinson* —— Andrea Travis — Lauren Van Zyl

Ann-Marie Vickers —- Bridgit Wardrop —— Justin Webster —Roberta Wiltshire

Nicole Wittman*** —- Kristin Woody ——- Anja Wynne ——Barbara Zimmerman