D o n a t e

Monetary donations to We SUPPORT the GIRLS allows the group to accomplish two of its core mission goals:  

1) provide support for victims of child sexual abuse, and
2) provide educational materials that may be used for kids and/or parents when talking about child sexual abuse.  

These materials are available at the Falls Church Farmers' Market every Saturday, and will be distributed through additional avenues by the end of 2016.  Sadly, more victims come forth every day, and you can help us support them with care packages that let them know that they are doing the right thing coming forward, that they are brave for following the legal process to its conclusion, and most importantly, that they are not alone.

Support packages and comfort items will be tailored to the receiving organizations, but WSTG's initial donations will include three organizations:

  • the Falls Church City Police Department,
  • the SANE Unit at Fairfax INOVA Hospital, and
  • the Arlington Victim/Witness Assistance Program

Thanks to everyone who has already contributed to We SUPPORT the GIRLS .  We look forward to continued community assistance in order to make the group's goals a reality. 

Thank you for your donations!