M i s s i o n

We SUPPORT the GIRLS is on a mission to:

  • Raise awareness of child sexual abuse

  • Encourage parents to talk with their children at an early age about child sexual abuse

  • Encourage victims and their parents to report child sexual abuse

  • Emphasize to communities how vital a climate free from stigma is when reporting child sexual abuse

  • Promotes access to educational materials and additional resources for parents and schools

  • Raise funds to provide care packages and comfort items to local agencies for children reporting sexual abuse, undergoing examination at a hospital for child sexual abuse, and testifying in court regarding their sexual abuse

  • Collaborate with other organizations to help victims of child sexual abuse & promote prevention

  • Provide victims of sexual abuse a “Safe Space” through a room makeover by a professional interior designer

V a l u e s

We SUPPORT the GIRLS recognizes the need to support child victims of sexual abuse, beginning with the initial reporting, continuing through the legal process, and ultimately sustaining as victims and their families continue to heal.  For sexual assault victims of all ages, the legal process can be as damaging, if not more so, than the actual sexual assault. WSTG’s committed members include several child sexual abuse victims and their parents who have gone through the grueling legal process that eventually ended in vindication with the offender's guilty plea. These members understand personally the need for families to be supported in order to have the strength, courage and perseverance to see the reporting and legal processes through to their conclusion.  The child victims working with WSTG are determined to forge something good out of the horrific situation that they experienced, with the goal of helping other child victims in the community – one family at a time.


V i s i o n

WSTG would like to expand throughout local communities and focus on the community support component that is so critical for the healing process. Eventually, the group would like to help establish organizations nationwide, so that victims and their families can find local resources and form support groups in communities beyond Falls Church.  As a community, it is vital that we break the silence and raise the profile surrounding this sensitive issue, and provide compassionate support for the families and victims of child sexual abuse.

To contact We SUPPORT the GIRLS , please e-mail the group at info@wesupportthegirls.org  

We look forward to being in touch with you soon.